Christian Marriage Counseling Must Include GOD!

As many people around the world are Christian followers in Christ Jesus, we still are facing a reality that the divorce rate for Christian marriages is on the rise and that many Christian marriages are seeking or involved in Christian marriage counseling. The reason for this is simple, the devil knows that a strong Christian marriage will lead to a strong Christian home and children that will grow into powerful Christian followers for God. We need to warfare against the attacks and this may also include Christian marriage counseling. What is important in any therapy is including the word of God in that process. Too often even Christian marriage counseling has gone mainstream where the therapist is "Christian" but the entire Christian marriage counseling process is built on psychology practices which are useful and important, but should never be with the absence of the word of God! Stay strong in the fight for your family! Here is a link to help you locate a Christian marriage counselor near you, remember to ensure they include our faith in the process!

Robin E Silas, BSA, MSA



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