Who Is Lucifer In The Bible? What Is The Origin Of Satan?

Who Is Lucifer In The Bible? What Is The Origin Of Satan?

The devil uses deception on all of us, all the time! The devil wants to confuse us as much as possible so that we never get to the truth, or as the Bible says that Jesus is the truth and the way to God. One of the topics that has been confusing in our faith is the origins of satan. If we knew his true origins would we have a better plan on how to defeat the devil in our lives? As we all know, Lucifer was an angel made by God with an awesome amount of power, and the name Lucifer was given to him by God. Let's look at the world dictionary definition of the name Lucifer, it means another name for satan. Now if we look at the Bible definition of Lucifer it means to bring light, oddly that definition is not within our dictionary definitions. Also it seems very demonic that we also now have a show called Lucifer Season 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5! So has the name Lucifer been twisted to hurt God's word and to again flip what God has made good into something evil? This post is not to suggest to you that Lucifer and the story that he was turned into satan is false, it is more to challenge you about do we know all the facts at all? The History Channel posted a video about the origins of today's satan image, which again is food for thought.

Focus on Christ!

Robin Silas, BSA, MSA



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