Angels vs Demons

We seem to live in a whole today where we can find it easier to believe in demons than angels, wow. Part of the reason for this unholy vision is that the devil has been working hard with his minions to cover the eyes of the believer's with a numbing effect. Just like when you go to the dentist and they numb your teeth to the point where you do not feel the pain, we have lost our connect to our spirit and the Holy Spirit with the devil numbing us spiritually, we have lost our spiritual senses. How do we get back on track? Is there a spiritual "medication" we can take for it? No, the cure is harder to achieve then just popping a pill, we have to change ourselves much like loosing weight will require a diet change, we have to do the work. So do you feel spiritually "numb" inside? If so ask yourself what authority did you allow or activate where the devil was able to inject that numbness into you? Pray on it and ask God to lead the way, it will be an awesome feeling once you get your spiritual sensations back!

Since your in God's army why not cover yourself as a solider and check out the Jesus Hero Tee! Here is to you getting healed! Amen!

Robin E Silas CEO




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