Worthy Is The Lamb - You Are Worthy To Be Loved And To Be Happy.

Are you worth a million dollars on earth? Most of us would say no to that question, however your worth more than any amount on earth with God! Does that not count? We seem to live in an age where we pull 1000% (yes I added an extra 0) of our worth (self-esteem) from our surroundings on earth only. We are worthy of allot of blessings and happiness and wealth. The story of Mary Magdalene is a clear example that we are all worthy of God's blessings. Mary was infested with 7 demons when she came in contact with Jesus. He delivered her from them all and allowed her to enter his disciple movement, which was not common or supported 100% by His own disciples. Regardless Jesus, the son of the true living God, had her in His inner circle, and defended her presence. Mary showed that she was not only just "thankful" for her life; she was still standing at the cross with Jesus, when no other disciple was present with Jesus Christ. And when Jesus returned who was the first person to see Jesus? Mary! She was told to run and tell the disciples that He has returned, she in essence became the church for God's message. Let this be a lesson for you, your past is your past in Christ, only the devil will keep you a prisoner. We accept forgiveness in the blood of the lamb, Jesus and walk into freedom from all sin, amen! Please remember that it is also written that first will be last, don't run the race to win on earth, our victory is with God in heaven. Check out the powerful YouTube video by the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir "Worthy is the Lamb" Know your worth...

Robin Silas, BSA, MSA CEO


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I love God

Michael November 18, 2021

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