Are You A Christian Solider For Christ?

We are all enlisted into a spiritual warfare battle, regardless of an option. The devil will not just "walk away" from attacking us in a battle for our souls. His minions are planning against mankind 24/7 to destroy what God has created, us. We must be battle ready, and to think about war, who is ever ready for it?! Would you take a general member of any community and fly them into a war zone? NO That would just be stupid, solider's are trained with allot of intense focus on what they are about to see and do in a war. As a Christian solider for Christ, what boot camps have you trained with to prepare you for battle? What are you doing to sharpen your skills as a Christian solider ready to do God's will for you or your family? As a Christian solider are you actually ready to fight a demon? Or will you simply not know how to fight the enemy because your just a working class citizen that has no Christian solider training?

Watch T. D. Jakes video on resisting the devil as you train for battle!

Fight the fight with Jesus!

Robin Silas, BSA, MSA



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