Body Is Temple Of God

Body Is Temple Of God

Our bodies are temples for God to be used for His glory. When we abuse our bodies, or ignore providing our bodies with the right foods and sleep, we are truly disrespecting God. As we all know we are setup for alignment, soul, spirit and body. Once we move away from alignment, we move away from our Godly base for success. We must focus on our bodies to be strong, not everyone will be a Christian bodybuilder, but without a strong body and mind how can we do God's work? As the saying goes, "junk in, junk out" we must focus on what images we allow into our minds, what toxins we put on our bodies or the junk we may consume into our bodies. Our bodies are vessels for the Holy Spirit, and we must protect our bodies! If your searching for a great workout track, then I highly recommend Skillet "Feel Invincible!" track!

That will get your blood pumping!

Stay fit in Christ!

Robin Silas, BSA, MSA



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