FREE Prayer Booster!

FREE Prayer Booster!

The prophet's in the Bible clearly had an intimate knowledge on spiritual warfare.  And perhaps had the highest intelligence on how we should pray to God, considering some of them actually had contact with God directly such as Moses, or had Angel's speak to them, such as with Paul who was transformed to serve God. Regardless of who we consider, the fact is we see evidence that their was a skill to use the correct name of God inside of a prayer based on what the prayer was focusing on, such as for healing, the prophet would ask "Jehovah Rapha (Great Healer") to heal the person requested in the prayer. We have lost this skill in today's age, forgotten that each name of God has a purpose and power in it, as with His Son Jesus Christ who we use for spiritual freedom from sin. Bod By God Apparel is honored to BRING BACK the name's of Jehovah and to share this with the world! Please hover over the image and save it to your camera roll or copy it to your hard drive and print it for your home or office.  Remember the prophet's prayed using God's awesome names, we should do it too!

God Bless You! 

Robin E Silas, BSA, MSA


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